A 60% Boost to Business Productivity Overnight? No, It’s Not Insane – It’s Web App Workflows

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You don’t need anyone to tell you that an increase in productivity and efficiency leads to a more profitable business.

Everyone knows that! That’s Business Basics 101.

No, the real question is how do you get your team to be more productive?

A whole cottage industry has sprung up with ideas. From consultants with key insights and team-building exercises to feng shui experts with optimized layouts, there is something for every business owner to implement in their quest for productivity.

But since productivity is primarily focused on reducing the amount of time your team wastes on tasks that don’t necessarily drive efficiency, is having them fill out workplace personality quizzes to determine their best work style really the best way forward?

According to Accenture, operational inefficiencies cost businesses in the United States around $.5.5 billion annually to address – making that paintballing exercise little more than a way for Derek from Accounts to take out his frustration on others. 

When it comes to increasing productivity, automation and technology are a business’ best friend – and this becomes even more true when that tech comes in the form of a web app workflow.

What is a Web App Workflow, And Why Do I Need One?

A web app workflow is a software tool designed to automate what are (usually) some of the most tedious parts of a business process. Typically, they take data and follow a preset workflow until the process is completed, giving you the end result.

Not only does this free up your team from going through the process manually, but it also reduces human error. In other words, your business is now running much more efficiently as machine crunches the numbers and man makes the numbers profitable.

How can a web app workflow help your business? That really depends on the productivity bottlenecks you have.

For example, paperwork. Paperwork that gets lost, illegible handwriting, coffee stains, and chaotic handling processes should be a thing of the past. However, just like the 21st century didn’t bring flying cars (yet), offices overflowing with vast volumes of paperwork still exist. A web app workflow can digitize everything, saving you office space, time searching for the right piece of paper, and your team from deciphering inscrutable handwriting.

On the same note, routine (and menial) administration tasks can be magicked away with a web app workflow. Data entry, communications, and more can all be done by an app – and error-free (as a bonus, it can also track everything with a searchable database).

A web app workflow can organize information and send it to the right people in seconds, freeing up your team to generate revenue rather than administrative busywork. And, when it comes to data privacy and security, error-free automation is a blessing.

Finally, a web app workflow can save you money against hiring a new member of staff and all the risks that this can come with.


What Types of Web App Workflow Exist?

If there’s a productivity issue, there’s already workflow software to address it. Some of the most common web app workflows in the business world today include:

✔ Accounting management ✔ Project management
✔ App integrations ✔ Software integrations
✔ Data entry ✔ Team management
✔ HR management ✔ …And more!
✔ Marketing integration  

How might these specific workflow software applications work? It all depends on the problem that they’re meant to address.

For example, team or project management typically requires keeping track of what people are doing and the project’s overall performance. With a web app workflow, you can stay constantly updated on progress and even communicate through the app, improving transparency and hastening progress.

Web app workflows can even be used to reduce cashflow headaches, automating invoicing and payment reminders, all while keeping tabs on your sales and creating pretty graphs and projections in a click.

Workflow software can even be used to improve your marketing and sales efforts, following your customers’ journey from the first contact through to purchase – while keeping a complete history of everything they’ve done on your platform. In other words, your sales and marketing teams will know exactly what to do, based on actual data rather than guesswork.

The question isn’t so much ‘what types of workflow software exist?’ – it’s ‘what business process do I want to optimize?’ All businesses have a productivity bottleneck, and all businesses can benefit from a dedicated web app workflow to address it.


How Custom Web App Workflows Can Drive Your Productivity By 60%

Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, a research and consulting firm in the global gaming industry, approached Umbric to develop a searchable, high-performance database to collect disparate marketing emails and social media posts casino advertising.

Collecting all this data, cleaning up content, and sorting it was a painstaking effort with plenty of room for tired eyes and silly errors. Umbric developed a web app that leveraged machine learning to find, sort, and deliver content to a database, ready to be found in the search.

Not only did this custom web app save Eilers & Krejcik Gaming on labor costs, but it also delivered a 60% increase in productivity for team members seeking new designs and content for their own email marketing efforts.

With everything searchable in an error-free database, the company focused on activities that drove revenue rather than grinding through endless and disparate chunks of data. This new efficiency is at the heart of the company’s 60% increase in productivity – and it could only happen with a custom workflow software that directly addressed the problem.

Web app workflows make it possible to bring together otherwise fragmented processes and centralize them into one location. In turn, teams can fine-tune and organize their own working processes, naturally becoming more productive.


Can a Custom Web App Workflow Help Your Business?

As web app workflow experts who deliver results to businesses like yours every day, we’re obviously going to say “yes, absolutely!”

Every business faces unique challenges when it comes to productivity. A custom web app workflow built explicitly to address your productivity bottleneck addresses this and maximizes your efficiency all in one – helping your business to grow.

How? First, we need to know a little more about you and your business to give you tailored advice. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your productivity to skyrocket, then contact us today to start your free consultation (no strings attached!).



About Umbric Data Services

Forget knowledge; data is power – especially when hooked up to custom web applications leveraging the latest in big data, machine learning, and AI to deliver profitable results for business.

Umbric Data Services combines the latest in tech with good old-fashioned customer service to deliver innovative, efficient software that drives productive business insight and revenues in the click of a button. Isn’t it time you worked smart, not hard? Find out more about how we help businesses to grow – visit umbric.com today.

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