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2021-09-30 06:00:00 – Sept. 30, 2021

Southern California-based California Tacos Inc. has acquired OnPlate, a mobile app technology company.

“We purchased OnPlate because we were also in development of our own app that we are now going to merge with OnPlate’s technology to increase the features of the existing OnPlate app,” Robert Reynolds, California Tacos CEO, told FastCasual.

When the deal is completed next month, the chain will merge its own app, Bag-it-to go, with OnPlate technologies.

“OnPlate has done an incredible job building their mobile app technology in a user-friendly, practical, and authentic way,” Reynolds said. “We are excited to have OnPlate as our new foundational piece of our digital strategy as we continue to execute on our overall growth initiatives. Additionally, we believe this will also be a big boost in value to our start engine raise as it expedites our digital market strategy for immediate market deployment.”

Since late 2019, California Tacos has opened locations in Delaware and Portugal as well as a Taco Truck in Cascais, Portugal. It will also add a unit in Gulf Breeze, Florida, by year’s end.

Phoenix-based OnPlate is a concierge, waiter, menu and payment processor.


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