Case Studies

Have a more comprehensive look at the solutions we’ve been able to deliver to our clients! We can easily adapt any approach to suit your needs. Take a look around and get inspired, have a coffee, and schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you!


Machine Learning

Determine the contents of our images to generate keywords for our search engine.


An image processing pipeline was set up on Amazon Web Services, which processes inbound images and returns viable data for storage in the existing search engine tags table.

Tableau Dashboard

Analyze our data set and create a custom dashboard experience for us to share.


Take your existing data and assemble it in an intuitive, comprehensive visual space where your customers can easily digest your statistical data without turning their brains into pudding.

Research Processing

Take our output files from our lab equipment and process them automatically for our team.


Using the output from the equipment and the final version originally compiled by hand, we devised a stand-alone application that would automatically process dumped files and assemble the required results reporting.

Web Data Scraping

Monitor a list of online casinos and lotteries for new titles and article content.


An image processing pipeline was set up on Amazon Web Services, which processes inbound images and returns viable data for storage in the existing search engine tags table.

Mobile Data Scraping

Monitor a list of applications for new entries for reporting into our database.


Deploy our latest mobile screen processing technology to provide the appropriate data.

Web Data Scraping

Determine the amount of business being conducted on popular Fantasy Sports sites.


A front-to-back solution was implemented to scan in new contests from multiple sites and once maturity was reached, scanned again for results, then delivered into monthly reports for your analysis.

Custom Web App

Digest the contents of marketing materials provided by email and social media accounts into a searchable website.


Create a pipeline to process email and social media content and deliver them to a search engine with reporting and system administration functions.

Custom Web App

Scan the contents of all auctions posted for the sports trading card industry 24/7 for reporting and search engine delivery.


A 50,000 record a day scanning service was created to digest auctions and provide them in a search engine that functions with millions of records without performance issues.

Document Scraping

Monitor a folder for new documents from multiple sources/different formats and automatically extract all financial data.


Existing PDF documents were analyzed and mapped into reliable data for extraction, then sent to reporting spreadsheets for delivery to the client.


About Umbric

In today’s digital era, data means everything for a prospering business. But acquiring useful data is a major hassle for entrepreneurs. It’s too much work and takes their focus off of executing the vision and delivering quality.


Umbric Data services was established to combat this very problem. We’re built upon teamwork and an innovative approach to satisfy the needs of your brand, handling things professionally and reliably for the best organized result.


With years of experience, numerous testimonials, grade A resources and a dedicated team by our side; we’re here to make you realize entrepreneurial greatness you never thought possible.


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How long is a piece of string? At Umbric, we only give estimates after thoroughly looking into your project to ensure that they are accurate. Typically, this means an initial consultation to discuss your needs and create a project plan with costings.


In most cases, that will be your full cost. However, sometimes projects can creep outside of the anticipated scope. If this happens to your project, our team will always consult with you first – we’ll never bill you extra without your agreement.

Good question! There are many developers out there, and as with any industry, it pays to do your research before settling on a service.


Some developers are solo developers presenting themselves as a company. Their expenses are lower, which is reflected in their pricing. However, they don’t have the resources of a full team.


Other inexpensive developers may be getting started on their careers. Their prices reflect their lack of experience. This can also translate into longer project times as they work to build your system.


If you’re facing a time crunch, then you should be looking at developers with higher rates: a good developer can deliver results up to ten times faster than a poor one. While the hourly rate may be higher, the quicker development time can also mean that they are cheaper than a mediocre developer simply because they can complete your project faster.

We love working with clients who know what they want! Perhaps you’ve even got specs and diagrams ready to go. These things can help immensely, but a word of caution…


When it comes to developing, no crystal ball can look to the future and identify potential issues, complexities, or details that initially get missed out. No matter how much preparation is done in advance, these little things always emerge during our process of discovery, design, and construction.


With this in mind, we can give you a fixed quote – but it will be a higher amount than one based on our regular onboarding process. This covers the potential complications that can drive development times beyond the original estimates.


We strongly recommend that you follow our processes to ensure the best project results at the best price and delivery timeframes.

In a word, no. We only bill you for the time we spent on your project, delivering everything – including the source code – with no further costs.


Everything is included in the price we quote. There is one exception to this: if you would like us to host your website or database, we can, but this will incur monthly costs until you choose another hosting solution.