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Uncover interesting, meaningful stories in the statistics.

Access to information has never been so universal. New technologies and the internet give you countless ways to find new stories, meaningful statistics and reliable sources.

But in order to do all that, you need to understand the data.

That’s where Umbric Data Services comes in. We sift through data, analyze it and create easy-to-interpret visualizations to help you find what you need. Then you can communicate what really matters to your audience.

International news organizations, local publications and freelance writers alike can all find an affordable subscription to suit them with Umbric Data Services.

Make Reporting More Efficient

Demystify Raw Data

See The Story From Every Angle

Expose Social Patterns

Eliminate Bias Through Facts

Umbric supplies journalists with the facts

It is in computer-assisted reporting where the real revolution is taking place, not only on the big analytical projects, but also in nuts-and-bolts newsgathering. New tools and techniques have made it possible for journalists to dig up vital information on deadline, to quickly add depth and context. —“We’re All Nerds Now,” Joel Simon and Carol Napolitano, The Columbia Journalism Review (1999)

Zero-in on data sources and uncover the facts relevant to your story. Investigative reporters, statistical journalists and other specialized roles can get exactly what they need with Umbric Data Services.

Watch powerful stories play out.

CAR gives journalists the opportunity to dig for truth in data, and the comparative analysis that a computer can do often reveals pertinent questions. What reporters are able to learn from using CAR provides readers with knowledge and insights that can cut through the clutter of opinionated noise and celebrity obsession. It also can allow even relatively small news operations to delve into problems affecting the global community, yet speak to readers and viewers right around the block.
—“The Benefits of Computer-Assisted Reporting,” Jason Method, Nieman Reports (2008)

Whether you’re looking for global or granular-level insights, Umbric Data Services collects the data relevant to your work.

This is a cost- and time-effective way of giving your organization an investigative edge. Harness data from every county, every state, every country and watch a story unfold clearly in our visualizations.

Umbric Data Journalism Resources

Empirical evidence from reliable sources

When you capture the facts, you don’t need to rely on anecdotal evidence. Use everything from government reports and social media statistics to police vehicle sensor data and transaction records to bolster your stories.

Uncover something astounding with Umbric Data Services.

Benefits Umbric Data Services offers:

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Quick, hassle-free

With Umbric, it's our priority to provide you with quality data when you need it most. We'll get it to you within days - not weeks or months. What do you have to lose, other than the time you were about to spend doing it yourself?

Flexible and Scalable

We provide services at all levels of complexity - one-time or recurring monthly, from hundreds to millions of records each day. We'll scale with you, without the growing pains of eventually having to evolve an in-house solution.

Reliable, high-quality data

Our services are clean and consistent, with careful attention paid to your requirements. No more data gaps or messy datasets to slog through.

Upkeep and Support

Our team monitors your projects for you, with full internal notification support to our staff. If there's an interruption for any reason, we'll be on top of it and will solve the issue with expeditious urgency.

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