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Get valuable leads and insights – pinpoint who visits your site and why with LeadFabric.

Up to 97% of visitors don’t leave contact details. Now you can turn them into leads.

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Instantly connect your site to the LeadFabric dashboard with our lightweight tracking bit.

Real-Time Analysis

Get live updates detailing what companies visit your site and find out what they do when they get there.

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Take a look at your new leads in your dashboard and export them to your favorite CRM tool in one click.

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Not only can you find out who visits your site, but you uncover how they found you and what they look for. Then find the most effective way to reach out when we enrich those company contact details. Maximize your sales in seconds with a simple tracking bit.

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Filter and Segment Your Data

Organize your new leads with the intuitive LeadFabric dashboard. Work out what actions you should take next by using our powerful filtering and segmentation tools.

We’re saving precious hours now that we can automatically route leads to the best person to handle them. Segments are straightforward and incredibly powerful.

Johan Koning

Business development director at Esize.com

Compatible with your CRM

Export your new lead data to your favorite CRM tool with the click of a button. LeadFabric is designed to integrate seamlessly with 500+ CRM platforms, so your sales team can get to work straight away.

LeadFabric changed how we handle new leads. Its immediacy, elegance, and workflow directly translate into efficiency with our team.

Jan Marijne

Founder at Projactive

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With over 500 integrations, LeadFabric can power any type of team.