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Data scientists invest an excessive amount of energy in data analysis.

The general sentiment is that data researchers can invest up to 80% of their energy in data planning alone. 

If you want to build a machine learning model, you’ll spend excruciating amounts of time just doing data analysis as a prerequisite to that process.

Here is where Umbric Data Services comes to the rescue! 

We offer a subscription-based service that takes the headache out of the collection, cleaning, aggregating, reshaping, exploration of data, and data visualization. 

Traditionally, in preparation for manufacturing a machine learning model, you’d invest colossal amounts of energy merely doing data analysis as a forerunner. Umbric Data Services aims to end that painstaking process and speed up the time it takes to deploy a Machine Learning algorithm. 

Say “goodbye” to only doing data analysis as a forerunner to manufacturing a machine learning model and say “hello” to Umbric! 

Let's face it data collection and data cleaning can be messy!

Poor data collection causes machine learning projects to fail, which is one of the most substantial reasons for companies abandoning their adoption of Machine Learning. 

Significant portions of data may have considerable amounts of missing values or other details that require correction, which can quickly become an issue and causes project teams to get results they don’t want. 

When this happens, new adopters of this technology may fall to the wayside and join the hordes of skeptics, thus causing wastes of time, resources, and revenue. 

Text Data Collection

Text mining is an automated process, which takes massive volumes of information in an unstructured or mixed-format and converts it into useful information.

To build intelligent applications capable of understanding human language, machine learning models must digest this resulting information in vast quantities.

Aggregating a sufficient amount of text data is the first challenge in solving any language-based machine learning problem.

Data Labeling Services

Data Labeling Services by Umbric

Most data is not in labeled form, and that’s a challenge for most AI project teams.

With machine learning, labeling your data provides the means to understand the target annotation of the text. These annotations give context to your data and expose it in a way that will allow predictive models to emerge. Generally, data labeling can refer to tasks that include data tagging, annotation, classification, moderation, transcription, or processing.


Inaccurate data labeling can be costly, which makes it imperative to train and certify them using credible, reliable data.

With Umbric, we provide you the opportunity to bypass this costly and time-consuming process and get our pre-trained models working for you. 

Even if you require a custom machine learning solution, we’ll still save you time and money in the process. Whether you’re looking to collect text data to train a virtual assistant or gather handwritten data for an OCR system, Umbric Data Collection will wrangle the data you need. 

What Sets Umbric Data Services Apart?

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We provide services at all levels of complexity - one-time or recurring monthly, from hundreds to millions of records each day. We'll scale with you, without the growing pains of eventually having to evolve an in-house solution.

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Our services are clean and consistent, with careful attention paid to your requirements. No more data gaps or messy datasets to slog through.

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