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Find out exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it. Umbric Data Services delivers clear insights about your business using the latest extraction and analytics technology.

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Turn Data into Business Value

We Handle all the steps , From Collection to Presentation


First, we find the best way to harvest your data. Then we use cutting edge scraping technology to collect from online and offline sources.Learn More


Work out what your key data insights are with our Business Intelligence Specialists. Then take your data to the next level with our Machine Learning team. Learn More


Filter and extract vital information using our intuitive web portal. Then share the results with your team, shareholders and anyone else who needs it. Learn More

What do Umbric clients think?

What do Umbric clients think?

"We have been using Umbric Data Services for the past three years to help support several key growth initiatives within our firm. Justin and his team have been outstanding and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to utilize their services."

Todd Eilers


at Eilers & Krejcik Gaming

"Keeping tabs on the online casino industries in multiple jurisdictions is a big job. Thankfully, Umbric's data aggregation means we are always in the loop on the newest offers, games, and jackpots and can focus on writing the story versus digging up the information. Part of the reason we are a market leader in our industry is that Umbric sets us up for success."

Jessica Welman

Regional Director

at Catena Media

"I've used Justin and his team at Umbric countless times over the past few years. They're consistently professional and capable of a wide variety of web scraping and app development tasks; they've become my go-to company for any development tasks that are beyond what my company can do internally."

Matt Kaufman

Vice President of Digital & Interactive

Eilers & Krejcik Gaming

What can Umbric do for you?

Increase Value with
Web Applications

Leverage your existing organization's data through our custom web application solution services. Tap into new data streams to give you the valuable insights you need to succeed.

Discover Promising
New Sales Leads

Make your sales and marketing teams’ jobs easier. Uncover fresh leads relevant to your company, complete with phone numbers, emails and social media profiles.

Save Time with
Machine Learning

Save massive amounts of time – we sift through huge collections of text and images. Static or live, use Machine Learning to determine content and context.


Up to 97% of your visitors don’t leave contact details. Get valuable leads and insights – pinpoint who visits your site and why with our LeadFabric service.

Target Customers

Give your customers exactly what they want and increase profitability. Track distribution chain data, price trends, customer feedback and even your brand’s reputation.

Get Smarter
Social Media

Boost the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. Learn from the historical data of your target customers on networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Real Estate
and Housing

Stay on top of changes in the market with personalized alerts. Gather data from a huge amount of sources, including listings, brokers and foreclosure notices.

Travel, Hotel
and Airlines

Keep competitive with unique travel industry insights. Find essential information on hotel room availability, airline ticket prices and travel ratings.

and Journalism

Fuel your next project with unique data. From development indices to crime data, this reliable information helps you pinpoint intriguing trends.

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Flexible and Scalable

Things change, we get that. At Umbric, we scale with you as your business evolves. Get what you need now and in the future.

Consistent Quality

Rely on clean and consistent data services. We pay careful attention to your needs – you won’t get data gaps or messy datasets with us.

Clear Communication

Our team of experts carefully monitor your projects. If an issue pops up, we let you know and tackle it quickly and efficiently.

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