The Ideal People

Our exceptional design team makes sure your app stands out and offers an unmatchable experience for clients or employees.

The Ideal Time

Don’t sleep on the potential! We’re ready to grow your brand, new or established, at lightning speeds and deliver excellence that satisfies the market standards.


The Ideal Solution

We’re with you every step of the way with guidance and quality. Rest assured, your business and specific needs are our top priority.

Our Streamlined 6-Step Workflow Drives Efficiency.

Get the rubber on the road with a FREE consultation

Nothing like communication and comprehension! You’re encouraged to discuss ideas, needs, budget, timeline and more. Umbric clears your pathway towards higher ground, but for that, we need to know things such as the future uses of your app: it’s function, audience, etc.

This is crucial to establish core understanding, for us to provide you with a quote and make sure we’re the perfect fit to realize your vision. Umbric is here to deliver the absolute best for you — but for that, we need your cooperation too!

Estimating your application project cost

How much will your application cost? That is the question that we answer in this challenging step.

No design or development occurs in this step; our team will build an accurate quote that reflects a fair cost and a reasonable timeline based on our experience. Once done, we’ll return to you for an estimate review where you can lower your costs by deferring optional features to a later date.

Approved? Then let’s go to…

Building the most engaging design

All those discussions, planning, and information are about to pay off.

Let’s start building your app! Our team initiates by crafting the design,
database structure and all functionality specifications.
Error messages are dealt with along the way, by creating various
checks, formulas, and processes with respect to your business.

Know that your estimate is refined as we move forwards. If a
complexity increases the final cost, you’ll be notified immediately with
the choice to simplify the process, postpone the feature, or increase
your budget accordingly.

Approving the complete app development

Once you green light the design, we’re all set to start with the development
phase; everything from coding, programming, and constructing each
tiny block that contributes to a fine, finished app.

You’ll be kept updated on progress throughout with demonstrations;
ensuring a collaborative and transparent approach. We test and fix
bugs as we go, and a “User acceptance test” is performed at the end, to
fully test your app before it’s live.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the launch!

3… 2… 1. Your app is LIVE! Get ready to unveil your newest business
wonder to the world. You can count on Umbric’s support team to
help schedule your installation, convert your data, guide your team and
perform every task smoothly.

You can even choose to switch your data over on day one or run your
old and new systems together for a while or forever.

Get Full Technical
Support and System Enhancements

Umbric doesn’t leave you deserted, even after you’ve experienced your successful app deployment.

Improvements, new features, updates, and bug fixes are part of healthy applications.

The good news? We’re right by your side whenever you need us to resolve any issues you bump into or install desired upgrades.

Custom Search Engines

Perhaps you’re already running a site, or sitting on a big pile of data you don’t know what to do with? From small database tables to epic volumes of documents, we can assemble the perfect search solution for your customers and employees.

Legacy Application Ports

Still wiggling around in the dark ages looking for a way back into the modern? We can port data out of an existing legacy system or re-design your entire application stack with the latest the cloud has to offer.

Serverless Conversions

Most modern applications in the cloud are actually able to live outside a traditional server environment. We can take your application and bring it to the web with all the benefits a lightning fast & scalable server free  environment can provide.

Apps are pocket-friendly packages for your customers to engage with your business. They make that process seamless and enjoyable. People would much rather open your app to interact with your business, than search for it on a browser and visit the site.


As of 2021, Global app revenue has reached a staggering 693 BILLION and is stated to go as high as 935.2 Billion by 2023. Not to mention, Google play and Apple store have roughly 3.5 and 2.8 million apps, respectively.


Add to that the increasing number of internet and smartphone users, with 59.5% of the world being active online in 2021. What does all this mean for you? Having an app means tapping into an astounding and growing billion dollar marketplace!

How long is a piece of string? At Umbric, we only give estimates after thoroughly looking into your project to ensure that they are accurate. Typically, this means an initial consultation to discuss your needs and create a project plan with costings.


In most cases, that will be your full cost. However, sometimes projects can creep outside of the anticipated scope. If this happens to your project, our team will always consult with you first – we’ll never bill you extra without your agreement.

Good question! There are many developers out there, and as with any industry, it pays to do your research before settling on a service.


Some developers are solo developers presenting themselves as a company. Their expenses are lower, which is reflected in their pricing. However, they don’t have the resources of a full team.


Other inexpensive developers may be getting started on their careers. Their prices reflect their lack of experience. This can also translate into longer project times as they work to build your system.


If you’re facing a time crunch, then you should be looking at developers with higher rates: a good developer can deliver results up to ten times faster than a poor one. While the hourly rate may be higher, the quicker development time can also mean that they are cheaper than a mediocre developer simply because they can complete your project faster.

We love working with clients who know what they want! Perhaps you’ve even got specs and diagrams ready to go. These things can help immensely, but a word of caution…


When it comes to developing, no crystal ball can look to the future and identify potential issues, complexities, or details that initially get missed out. No matter how much preparation is done in advance, these little things always emerge during our process of discovery, design, and construction.


With this in mind, we can give you a fixed quote – but it will be a higher amount than one based on our regular onboarding process. This covers the potential complications that can drive development times beyond the original estimates.

We strongly recommend that you follow our processes to ensure the best project results at the best price and delivery timeframes.

In a word, no. We only bill you for the time we spent on your project, delivering everything – including the source code – with no further costs.


Everything is included in the price we quote. There is one exception to this: if you would like us to host your website or database, we can, but this will incur monthly costs until you choose another hosting solution.

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