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Application Design

Creating a unique design based on your requirements.

Workflow Optimization

The improvement of your existing workflow.

Framework Development

Design and construction of original frameworks.

Professional Web Application

Make your web application dreams a reality with Umbric. As a professional web application consultation and development team with years of experience, we have the tools and know-how to enhance and fix your web application, or to design and develop a custom web application from scratch.

Umbric Makes Your Web App Ideas Come to Life.

Work with
a Reliable Team

Are you tired of working with unreliable web developers and agencies who lack the experience or professionalism to keep you in the loop?

Perhaps you’re fed up with egoistic programmers who love to talk up their skills – but simply don’t have the experience to deliver the goods when it comes to the crunch.

Time is money – with Umbric, you’re working with an experienced and dependable team of web developers who act as your long-term business partner.

Whether you seek support and enhancement or are looking for a partner who delivers full source code and documentation with your custom web app, consider it done with Umbric.

Get Full Collaboration and Transparency

Real web development work goes beyond scripting endless lines of code and into building powerful and mutually beneficial relationships of trust through smart troubleshooting. At Umbric, we don’t just code: before we do anything, our team takes a deep dive into your industry, your working processes, and your story.

This immersion doesn’t just let us view the world through your eyes but also helps us to spot weak points in that vision that can be fixed. Together with our transparent and collaborative processes, you’re gaining a partner who supports your vision – and pushes you to grow through innovation.

Our Streamlined 6-Step Workflow Drives Efficiency.

Kickstart Your Project
with a Free Initial Consultation

It all starts with a talk. Tell us what you want, the size of your budget, and your desired timeline, and our team will work to find a quote that hits the right spot. This step isn’t just about giving you a quote: it’s also about exploring if we make a good fit; the last thing your business or ours wants is the headaches, costs, and pains that go with mismatched teams.
Umbric doesn’t just explore where you’re at – but where you want to be, asking the future uses of your system what they want and need. This stage of the process builds a rich database of knowledge that enables our team to build something that meets your organization’s requirements.

Estimating Your
Web Application Project

How much will your web application cost? That is the question that we answer in this challenging step.

No designing or development occurs in this step; our team will build an accurate quote that reflects a fair cost and a reasonable timeline based on our experience. Once done, we’ll return to you for an estimate review where you can lower your costs by deferring optional features to a later date.
Approved? Then let’s go to…

Building Out the
Fundamentals of Your Design

With those details out of the way, our team can now add details to your web app. In this step, we focus on building out the database structure, any functional specs, and drawing wireframe prototypes (sketches of your web app’s visual design). You’ll be able to review and greenlight the wireframe prototypes before our team builds them for real – saving time and money on modifying a developed system at a later date.

This step also focuses on building out your business rulebook by creating the various checks, formulas, and processes that can result in error messages.

As work progresses on your web application, you may notice your estimates being refined; if a sudden complexity reveals itself and pushes your cost upward, we’ll let you know – and give you the final decision on what to do: simplify, postpone, or even increase your budget accordingly.

Greenlighting and
Full Web Application Development

Once the sketches and design have been greenlighted, our team starts developing your app. In this step, we begin the coding, programming, and construction of all the disparate elements to create a finished web app, testing as we go along to ensure no pesky gremlins are hanging out in your systems.

Throughout this process, we maintain full collaboration and transparency, answering your questions and demonstrating completed modules so you can see exactly how your project is developing. Once development is completed with a full review showing no significant issues present, we start a User Acceptance Test, letting you and your team test out the web application before it goes live.

Enjoy the Feeling
of Going Live on Launch Day

This is the moment that everyone has been waiting for: the day the hard work is complete, and you can finally unveil your web application to the wider world and use it for work! Our team will help schedule your installation, convert your existing data, and get your team up and running.

Whether you’re looking for a complete switch-over on day one or a more staggered parallel launch day where you run old and new systems together for a short while, we’ll help you make the process as smooth as possible.

Get Full Technical
Support and System Enhancements

As with all technology, custom web apps that use databases can often get very complex very quickly. Even the most perfect system at launch can develop user issues, question marks, and areas where enhancement can boost productivity even more.

Umbric is always available to answer any questions and help resolve such issues through system modifications as needed. This step is also where you might find features you postponed in step 3 are now required. If you’re ready to move forward with those, then we’ll return to step 2 with you, starting this process all over again.

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