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There’s 1.9 BILLION websites as of 2021, making it hyper competitive to rank on Google searches. To top that, features such looks, speed, and user friendliness have become absolute necessities. And that’s just the beginning…

We’ve reached a turning point where having a business website just… doesn’t cut it anymore. Websites and personal computers have had their big run. They’re no longer the go-to for consumers. Even professional work is moving towards smartphones and apps!

Today, your ideal customers are sitting behind smartphones, using apps of all sorts and sizes. The app market is currently estimated at $693 billion and is predicted to go up to $935.2 billion by 2023 by various sources.

Some quick mobile app facts...

Since 2008, more than half the internet’s ever increasing population made the transition from desktops and websites to smartphones and apps.

Over 90% of the internet population uses mobile phones for online activity only. That’s 4.82 BILLION people preferring phones over computers.

Marketingdive’s recent report concluded that 85% of mobile users would prefer using an app over mobile sites.


Maximum Reach


You won’t find a smartphone without apps! Consumer preferences favor apps before mobile sites 85% of times. Apps are downloaded within billions each year, and through Play store and App store, your app can be discovered far easier than your website. Android and iOS apps are collectively at 5.7 Million as of 2021 according to Statista, as compared 1.7 Billion websites. Naturally, it’s easier to rank your app than your website.

Know what’s more interesting? Unlike Google search that has a page system (where page 1 captures 95% of prospects), your customers on play store and app store can scroll until they stumble upon your app. You can even run ads to get the top spot for various keywords, with little competition. Your reach through apps is guaranteed to be higher, better and a lot more flexible.



Users can’t carry your website everywhere. It takes a lot for them to bookmark it, or have it on those funny icons below the search bar in browser (which comes through repeated use, unless you manually do it).

Contrastingly, it’s way more efficient with apps to makehome on your ideal customers’ phones and stay at the forefront of their thoughts and in their pockets! They’ll have a hard time forgetting about you’re irresistible offerings, and this maintains high business relevancy in their day-to-day lives.

Whenever they need something, they can bring out their phones and…

Access at Light-speed


With just one tap. That’s literally all it takes to open an app. Now picture the business you run being this easily and quickly accessible. Wouldn’t that boost engagement and sales? It’s just as easy to download your app from one of the stores and make home in someone’s personal mobile, ready to interact whenever and wherever. Which brings us to our next point…

Greater engagement


This ease of use and accessibility leads to greater engagement from your prospects. You’ll find them spending more time browsing products and services on apps than on web. The average person spends 90% of their smartphone time on apps, up to 2-3 hours a day on them as compared to just 26 minutes browsing the web on mobile.

With E-commerce in particular, customers spend 4x longer in a mobile app than on a mobile site. E-commerce apps have the lowest cart abandonment rates too (less than 20%). One feature that contributes a lot to making this possible is…

Push notifications


It’s like free marketing! Push notifications are the unique specialty of apps that websites lack. Deals, promo codes, offers, services, discounts, updates and more; you can encourage 200% more app opens and conversions by instantaneously sending a personalized message straight to people’s phones that’ve downloaded your app! The power is yours.

Quicker and smoother function


Chances of your app lagging or getting stuck are slim to none, whereas websites can have problems fairly easily and need to be fixed up.

“swipes” and “taps” are the beauty of apps and consumers can swipe through a range of offerings within a second, tap the ones they like and make the purchase. Customers will gladly swipe and tap a hundred times rather than point and click, the latter combination isn’t exciting anymore.

Swift payments


Of course, when it’s this easy to install, open and interact with an app — it’s also just as easy to make a purchase. You can receive payments directly through cash transactions on your app in secure and smooth manner.

Regular connectivity


A mobile app keeps you connected with customers 24/7, anytime, anywhere and through any device. Push notifications, one-tap access to business contacts and many other innovative features are the secrets behind mobile apps’ immensely increasing popularity.

Offline capabilities


Though business mobile apps need internet access to perform most of their operations, they can offer basic content and functionality even while offline.

Letting the users access your products and services in offline mode helps you maintain further interest and establish a positive long-term relationship.

Greater conversions


Your conversion rate is impacted positively, as customers understand your offerings better and connect with you instantly. The unique features and beautiful design we develop at Umbric are the cherry on top, making sure user experience remains fascinating and stays optimized for conversions.

Reliable for all screen sizes


Mobile apps can be viewed easily on all types and sizes of screens, whereas mobile websites are tricky to optimize for every different smartphone screen. Apps give you full control over establishing the best experience that your customers will enjoy and come back to more often.

Market share


An emerging Trillion-dollar marketplace. As of November 2020, the global share for Android is 71.18%, with iOS having 26.96%.

Both have their pros and cons but share the similarity of giving you an edge on your competitors.


With the convenience of a mobile app, you’ll unlock new heights for your reach, engagement and ROI.

We’ve highlighted the major reasons, but there’s far more upsides to apps
(more technical ones) that websites simply haven’t caught up to.

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entrepreneurial ventures?

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