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Web Scraping

Leverage authentic and specific information from across the web in a swift, structured and comprehensive manner. Our industry-leading tech gives you every bit of data required to fuel your projects in the most productive ways.

App Design

We provide Tailor-made applications built on adequate knowledge, dedicated to amazing user interface and experience. A stunning and interactive web or mobile app awaits you.

Startup Consulting

Unsure of the best direction? Let’s talk! We offer qualitative consultation with a growth roadmap, respective to your business model, market, audience and preferences.

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Data Collection for Superior Reporting

Need – Monitor online casino industry for key performance indicators for use in reporting to key clients, while also boosting efforts to establish new verticals to increase revenue.

We developed a suite of data collection apps that scoured all major online casino websites and other niche gambling sectors to assemble a robust picture of the market and its trends.

Mobile Application for Growth

We designed, developed, and implemented a web app that worked around the clock to collect data from multiple sites, automatically delivering a fresh batch of leads to the company’s sales team every day.

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Fresh Lead Monitoring for Sales

Need – Identify new sales leads by monitoring license registration sites for newly created licenses or those found to be expiring soon on specific insurance policies offered.

We designed a user experience from the ground up to ensure premium application quality.

All existing services on their site were converted to a mobile compatible space where Catena can continue to build their user base and grow their business.

Web Scraping : Knowledge you can build an empire on

Data is gold to every business, digital or otherwise. From consumer insights, to trends, preferences and more; We smoothly extract targeted information from 1000+ sites, and present them in an organized fashion to benefit your business. All without the headache of doing it yourself. Awesome, right?

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App Design: Innovation and practicality in a useful little package

Nothing like having your brand reside in the phones of hundreds of thousands of people, just one tap away. Apps are the most engaging, accessible and shareable form of growing any business. Umbric turns your website into friendly and aesthetic apps, or creates fresh ones for distinctive purposes; all ready for use.

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Consultation: Don't hesitate, we're happy to help!

Let’s take a look at your business and see what you need. Umbric provides FREE consultation for startups and established businesses alike. Questions, information, anything is welcome. Just pick your convenient time and we’ll be with you.

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What Our Clients Say

Jessica Welman

Regional Director
Catena Media

“Keeping tabs on the online casino industries in multiple jursidictions is a big job. Thankfully, Umbric’s data aggregation means we are always in the loop on the newest offers, games, and jackpots and can focus on writing the story versus digging up the information. Part of the reason we are a market leader in our industry is that Umbric sets us up for success.”

Matt Kauffman

VP of Digital & Interactive
Eilers & Krejcik Gaming

“I’ve used Justin and his team at Umbric countless times over the past few years. They’re consistently professional and capable of a wide variety of web scraping and app development tasks; they’ve  become my go-to company for any development tasks that are beyond what my company can do internally.”

Todd Eilers

Eilers & Krejcik Gaming

“We have been using Umbric Data Services for the past three years to help support several key growth initiatives within our firm. Justin and his team have been outstanding and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to utilize their services.”

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About Umbric

In today’s digital era, data means everything for a prospering business. But acquiring useful data is a major hassle for entrepreneurs. It’s too much work and takes their focus off of executing their vision and delivering quality.


Umbric Data services was established to combat this very problem. We’re built upon teamwork and an innovative approach to satisfy the needs of your brand, handling things professionally and reliably for the best-organized result.


With years of experience, numerous testimonials, grade-A resources, and a dedicated team by our side; we’re here to make you realize entrepreneurial greatness you never thought possible.


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